• Petway Petdoor - Small - 240mm (9½") high x 190mm (7½") wide


    The Flap Opening Dimensions are: 240mm (9½") high x 190mm (7½") wide. Suitable for all size cats and small to medium size dogs.

    Petway Pet Doors are available in a selection of four colours; black, white, primrose and paperbark.

    IMPORTANT: The Petway® pet door may increase risk of theft or damage by an intruder or unwanted animal. The product is not to be fitted on any doors leading to a swimming pool. Petway® Access Doors and their agents will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by fitting and using their product.

    • Postage Fees for Petdoors delivered within Australia:

      • $8.00 Standard Postage
      • $11.00 Express Postage